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Why Choose i5ww To Get Your Website Ranking Online?

Michael Burns and Carita Weaver founded i5ww in 2001, way before “Internet marketing” or “online lead generation” was even thought of by most businesses. In fact, this was 3 years before Google even went public. That’s back when Infoseek, WebCrawler, Yahoo, Excite, HotBot, AskJeeves, Altavista, and Google were still battling to be the top search engine.

In those days, you could simply cram as many keywords as you could get onto a web page so you could rank. And that strategy worked. Of course, ranking in Google today is much more complex. We’ve successfully navigated all of Google’s algorithm changes for hundreds of clients in nearly every industry since then. So, you can feel secure that no matter what Google throws your way, we’ll help you get through it, and keep you ranking high so you get the customers you want from your SEO efforts.

What Role Does Social Media Play in Search Rankings?

Search engine optimization experts debate the true role of social media in search rankings, although social media plays a role in your website’s rankings through social signals. For example, the number of shares a piece of your content gets may show Google people like it. As a result, Google may be more likely to rank your content highly.

It is possible for you to profit immensely from social media. You can use it to generate additional leads and sales. Most businesses simply don’t have the time or internal resources available to learn how to make social media profitable. We do. Since we’re a full-service internet marketing company, you can add that service if you think it makes sense.


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